Friday Nights are going to get pretty DAMP here at Strats! (1/9/15)

Friday Night is Dragon Age Multiplayer Night!

Just in time for each weekly multiplayer event in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Strats team would like to invite you to DAMP night, starting at 9 PM EST on Fridays!

We will have a PSN party going to help match people up in groups of four. You are welcome to stay in chat, or “have an ale with us when we return to the tavern.”

##This week’s Multiplayer event (1/9/2015):
###Greatsword Mastery:
Use Greatswords to kill 100 enemies.

###Elemental Mastery:
Use Elemental Damage to kill 100 enemies.
(This includes elemental spells and element-enchanted weapons)

We hope to see you on the battlefield!


I am not sure if you can combo these two events (as its the first time that is possible). I’m going to guess yes, which would make this one of the easiest weekends to obtain both chests.

Awesome! Thanks for posting this. I have a greatsword! woo.

Does this mean you could put a rune on a greatsword and do them both at the same time?

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That’s what i’m hypothesizing could happen, although I haven’t tested it out yet…

Makers breath! I hope to see you guys tonight c:!


I have a thing tonight… but hopefully there will still be some fun going on by the time I get home!

If you liked it then you shoulda put a rune on it!


Awesomely done @PittInjury, so where are we gonna be posting this up around?

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Not sure yet! I’m not familiar with the DA:I Reddit stuff, but didn’t somebody say there weren’t supposed to be LFG stuff on it? i’m also wanting to wait until we get a better graphic for the intro instead of the generic one, but all in good time!

I have not played any multi player yet and don’t have any characters leveled. Can I still come?

Of course! I’m sure everyone has characters they would like to level.

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Apparently the DA MP post isn’t supposed to have any lfg, but I don’t see why you can’t make your own thread on Reddit for it.

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So it looks like you can combo the two together. As a Reaver, however, I was accumulating a lot more greatsword kills over elemental kills.

Sounds like this weekends will take a few games at most

So I’m wondering how the turnout was last night, anybody have any numbers for me?

I know there were a few groups that ran amock; I laughed at @tommy2118’s Gimli on twitch as he got toted about in everyone’s backpack :wink:

I think I saw 3 groups running at various times.

That’s a really good turnout, and lol! I’m running myself through solo since this is the only time I’ll get this weekend to do it blah!

It was fun! I’m almost done with the second weekend challenge. I’ll be playing tonight.

I will be on tonight too @Vocino we should do some more DAMP!

Let’s do it.

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