Friday Twitch Collaboration


I’m wondering if anyone is interested in doing a stream collab. with me.

Friday 7-8 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST)
Game: Minecraft
Skype: WhippetWolf


Have you considered hanging out in Mumble? You’ll likely find some collaborators there and most Strategists here already have it set up.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Very tempting @WhippetWolf but I don’t know if I have anything planned right now. I might be going to look at new land because I’m moving. Give me a day and I’ll let you know.


Ok. I’ll stream Combat Arms if no one is interested xD.


I would play but Friday’s I work from 4~9:00ish (Depends on how busy we are) :expressionless:


Okay sorry about not getting back sooner. I’ll be free @WhippetWolf.


Alright thanks :). What server shall we play in? Also, let’s chat in Mumble too



Strats has a server. Other than that I have no ideas.


Pretty sure that’s what he means :smile:


Wow an update from my parents. We’re going to have dinner somewhere. Want to stream anytime after 6 PM?


I’m free anytime.


Did this already happen? If so I’m sorry I missed it x_x


No it didn’t finish not did it start


I can start the collaboration once Ai respods


I’m here! The TwitchCon stream got addicted I’m sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:


xD, also Alex is joining. We’ll be on the Twitch Promotion Mumble Channel


I’ll be there soon.


Collaboration was a success :). Aikiller’s going to have a lot of viewers and followers hopefully! Good night fellas :wink: