FRIDAY! Whats the plans?


so, its Friday? whats ever ones plans for the weekend?! Got myself a few beers.

By a few i mean a lot.


Ugh, I’m going to be fixing my effing gaming PC. Figures, right before the launch of ESO it would go to shit. Hopefully I’ll be able to sure everything up by tonight and be good to go tomorrow. That way if I have to repatch the game and all that stuff I will have time.

Hopefully I won’t have to do a full format and reinstall. Bah!


hey at least if you reformat ant re-install it’ll run faster! think of the positives!


True except that I just did that when I got that new Maximus board!


SO guess what. My video card is bad or something. I removed it and my machine booted up with no issue. Guess that’s an excuse to get a new card.


Stocking up on energy drinks and the like… I have freaking uni Monday and I can’t skip it because it’s important / group meeting etc etc so I will be up all night come launch and playing up until I have to leave.


It’s a good excuse too btw… mine has been playing up lately so I’ve just ordered a new one, nothing fancy. Just a 750ti 2GB card.


you know whats great vocino… the EXACT SAME THING happened to me this morning, so now i switched my GPUs arround, now it works.

had to reset the cmos and check a few other things, BUT im here now.