Full: Nightfall - 11/4 10pm EST

Title says it all. Just a mic and prayer to RNGesus required.

Void and solar would help take down shields but not necessary.

So far:

Back up:

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I can probably make this. 7PST? The 3 of us cleared it last time. Dreamteam 2014™


@Vocino Gonna beast it

…dreamteam 2k14… Really? :unamused:

If anyone doesn’t show up I can jump in. Was looking for a run around 830 when I get home from work tonight.
spredhed ps4

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@spredhead awesome thanks, will keep that in mind

I think we cleared this weekly level 28 (not nightfall), carrying @Vocino as a 25… #DreamTeam

Lies. I was 26 I think. I’m 27 now.

I’m not so sure about that Mastermind

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Interesting #Wtf

Is that Heavyweights?