Full: VoG Normal - Wed. 11/5 10pm EST (PS4)

I usually roll with Team Bravo on Thursday, but I can’t make it this week. I was wondering if anyone would want to knock out a normal run on Wednesday (11/5) night instead.

Lv 27+ w/ Mic please

Confirmed Team:
@spectrum21 friend


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You already know.


I will go Lvl 29 Lock
Spredhed psn name

i would love to go…29 titan with void weapons

@Joey_coz @Droul @spredhead added you guys. We’re gonna beast it

Count me in. PSN:DJspectre
Lvl 29 Hunter

I can probably do this. what time are you trying to do it?

@spectrum21 added you.

@DanceBurgerDance 10pm EST added you as tentative

I can do it at 10pm, just send me a reminder earlier in the day on psn if you dont mind

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Hey @JohnOnTheRocks, something came up, so I won’t be able to attend this raid. Please take me off this list, but I look forward to playing with you all real soon.

EDIT: Actually keep me on the list as a maybe, if possible. I might get to play, just possibly have a backup for me just in case. Thanks!!

@spectrum21 it’s cool. thanks for letting me know! keep us updated if anything


Alright John, count me in again. I’m 95% sure I’ll be there.

my ps4 crapped out on me…so i wont be able to make it

@Droul damn. hope it can be fixed

Ok guys we now need to fill 2 more spots. Not sure if any other Strats members are available but if you guys have friends that wanna run feel free to have them fill the spots.

Also @spectrum21 I can’t see your latest post for some reason. What did you say?

So after the day’s events, I would prefer not to do the raid tonight… Would it be possible to do it friday or saturday? Definitely still have to do it on my alt.

@DanceBurgerDance those days will be tough for me. we’ll still try for tonight but if it does’t happen we’ll reassess

alrighty. If i happen to still be awake, then I’ll be down tonight for sure.

I’m down for this again. I might have a friend that can play too.

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