Gadget Help!

After having our 3rd kid, it’s finally time for me to bust out my recording gear and start laying down tracks.With my new band permenantly tetherd to my side, I’ve set aside some cash for some new gear. I just got a headphone amp that will allow all of us to monitor the mix as we record, but we use alot of homemade and folk percussion instruments that have to be mic’d as well and stringing 4 more cables , well the idea just drives me crazy… Thinking of going bluetooth or rf wireless, but i know little of the bluetooth conversion process and what equips i would need to stream audio from 4 lines to 4 sets of headphones. the rf would be a simple setup, but those things are kinda hokey. Hit me back with any ideas or experiences with using more than one bt device in the same room. Thanks!

This doesn’t get you wireless, but it’s a pretty budget-friendly option; you give it a L/R or mono mix, it gives you 4 1/4" headphone jacks out :wink:

i already have that… lol. trying to get the output to 4 sets of headphones without making a spiderweb of cords… which would make my audio setup… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the heck more organized than anything else in my home…