Gaki No Tsukai - Batsu Games


“What the hell is that title?!?”

Gaki No Tsukai or Batsu Games or Punishment games have been around for a little more than a decade.

You may have seen their content posted around and thought it looked like crazy Japanese stuff and you would be right!

The point of the show has changed over the years but ultimately the base rules remain the same. The cast of the games are not allowed to laugh at any point during the games or they are punished.

The staff goes through AMAZING lengths to accomplish some of the jokes and this year is again an amazing job.

My wife and I are currently on part 7 of 10.

If you are up for some laughs and are up for some wacky japanese humor I REALLY recommend that you check out:


The not being allowed to laugh part kind of reminds me of Silent Library. I’ll have to give this a watch though!


It’s actually the same guys!