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Hey everybody I’m an aspiring indie game developer that has a small group of friends I dev with. Was wondering if there are any other devs on here that would like to discuss their projects and experiences. I’ve used Game Maker Studio Pro in the past but for the last two years have focused on Unity Pro. I’ve started messing with Unreal in the last couple months to see how the other half lives.

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Paging @Philspaz :wink:

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Unreal is the clear choice with most projects, what types of games are you focusing on? I used UDK for a few years before UE4 came out and have been working in that ever since, I love it! Made a flying game several years ago in Unity because it was incredibly frustrating to get 6DoF in Unrealscript, but that’s been remedied with C++ and Blueprints so I don’t have a real reason for Unity anymore. Working on a Darksouls like game that is purely casting right now, trying to decide between a realistic graphic style and an Overwatch /Firewatch /Witness type. Both require alot of time for different reasons, not looking forward to that phase… still working on mechanics atm.



I’ve been thinking of getting back into development after a long hiatus. My most recent experience has been with scripting environments like Flash AS2, XNA C#, and now Javascript. I’m building a simple browser-based game engine for contract-related work and documenting my progress as I get familiar with it.

I’d like to look into Unity and Unreal just to get a feel for what they do. I also recently got a subscription to HeroCloud so I could study their scripting language (which looks good) and see how they’ve architected MMO-as-a-service.

These days I’m interested in designing social systems and modeling NPC economies as a backdrop for social interaction. Also maybe designing some kind of UI toolkit for expressing this stuff. No real plans to publish anything, but who know!



I like to work on 2D games mostly and until very recently had zero interest in 3D. Within the last week I’ve become deeply interested in CGI and that has kick started a new interest in making 3D games. With that said Unity had been my preferred playground as their 2D tools were better developed than Unreal’s. I recently started learning C++ and I love the control I have in comparison to the C# based scripts in Unity. The reality is I will probably always be alternating between both based on the project. I’m a firm believer in quality input results in quality output while I have some friends that swear by Unreal only because of the number of shoddy Unity based projects that people see. It’s ironic that it’s regarded as a badge of honor to have an unreal splash screen in a game while the Unity Splash screen is seen as a badge of shame. As a result there are some highly successful games that were made with Unity that hide the fact that they are Unity based. Those include Hearthstone, Pillars of Eternity and Pokemon Go! I believe both engines have the capability to make great games and the potential to make piles of dog poo with a bad dev at the helm.

Most of my ideas to date are either narrative driven games or games that revolve around one core feature (usually time manipulation in some key way).



You should take a look at Unity! The scripting in there can be done with C# so you would feel quite at home and would just need to learn the editor. You could always design code assets for it along the line of social systems to go up in the asset store!

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yea, I started with hammer editor, then to Unity, then to UDK, then cryengine, and have finally rested on UE4 (until something better comes along). Most of my ideas revolve around intuitive and/or immersive mechanics. Time manipulation is awesome if it’s meaningful, I remember when “Project Temporality” was in development, I was blown away. Still haven’t played it though… Then I truly believed Braid was the perfect puzzle game ever for like a week :slight_smile: I plan on using time dilation for a few spells in my game, I’m working on having a shield around the player that make projectiles slow down until they stop in mid air. Then you turn them around and shoot them back! I get really excited about game mechanics…

One thing I miss about Unity is being able to “compile” on the fly, Unreal tried to add a compile while running feature but it’s supposedly only works when changing very minor things and I still haven’t been able to get it working right. Come on Epic, when you’re compiling 30 times a session at like 30-60 seconds each, that adds up to alot of diet coke drinking!

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Yeah Unity lets you crunch things out fast and with the new cloud tools they have added it’s even easier now. I can set a repo on bitbucker and have unity’s cloud service monitor it and at any time I can have it do a new shareable web build off the repo in seconds and share out with friends or a team. Still there is a layer of polish to Unreal that Unity just can’t beat but what do you expect from an engine that has been the lifeblood of one of the best game developers in the world for years!

One idea I’ve looked into exploring is an adventure/narrative game where the player has the ability to rewind the last hour of events to affect how they play out. As the game goes on you will start to find that some events and people are immune to your ability and thus will challenge how you deal with them. I have a lot of ideas revolving around easter eggs and conspiracies for that one and a bigger conspiracy that unlocks with multiple playthroughs as different protagonists. I planned on making heavy use of state engines for that. Then I also had the idea of a Final Fantasy Tactics style game that revolves around your character being from the future and using time travel to come back and engage in tactical battles where due to their advanced knowledge know every aspect of the enemy and their movements but you have no idea of how your actions will affect the future. So part of the game will be deciding where and when to disrupt history.

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I love rewind in games, I didn’t play alot of “life is strange” but the concept was interesting to me. I was going to try a 10 second rewind spell but the amount of information that has to be saved in a game that incorporates physics and spell interaction was just astronomical even for something as short as 10 sec. In a narrative game, I imagine an hour is doable but still pretty intense, I’d love to see something like that!