Game of Thrones - Longclaw


Below you’ll find spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

Completely missed this during the episode - because who looks at a sword - but think there’s any significance to this?

Longclaw opened its eyes when Jon got out of the water. #GameOfThones

— Lace (@LaceyPutman) August 21, 2017

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Holy shit… didn’t even notice that


There are a ton of theories about Lightbringer, the sword of azor ahai. It was the sword that was forged by the last prince that was promised. It was forged after several attempts. In the end the only way that he could complete it was by cooling the blade with the blood of his wife. I would love to see how they will implement this into the story and if they will make Longclaw be this sword. But, who knows. They have a thousand theories about this. They think that Lightbringer is the Catspaw dagger or Dawn. It’s crazy.


THere’s a lot of difference of opinion on whether the eye opens or not. Some people seem to believe the eyes are a crystal or gem that you can actually see through to the other eye. And if that’s the case, it’s very plausible that we’re just seeing Jon’s glove behind the pommel through the eyes. Watch it again with that theory in mind. Too close to call I think.


Yeah… having done that I’m thinking my initial hype has been misplaced.