Game Play/ Guild Content


We already have plans for some Player vs. Player (PVP) events in the near future. What are some other events you guys and gals would like to see set up to add value to you gaming/guild experience?


Skyshard runs, and group dungeons


Maybe some days in which we collectively do something to generate currency to be put in the Guild Bank?


There’s nothing for the guild as an entity to spend gold on right now. The game doesn’t provide any functionality for that.


I expect semi-weekly required roleplay sessions.


I have to agree with this. Played for several hours today and somehow managed to only get one skyshard. Must have just not been looking for them but you’d expect I would at least glimpse another one! I am always running back to places to find them and having a group to do it in would make it easier and faster!


Do you not use a skyshard addon? It’s like a required addon!


I would rather find them with the hints! I just forget they exist until I find one again.