Game Recommendation: "Inside"



“Inside” is not like the usual games that I play. It is an atmospheric sidescroller riddled with puzzles.
While I generally stick to my MMOs and Shooters, I saw some videos of this game and was instantly intrigued.

It’s made by the same people who made “Limbo” if that means anything to you, and this one is said to be in the same vein, though I’ve never played Limbo so I can’t confirm.

What I CAN confirm is that this game is amazing. It was so much fun, every minute of it was enjoyable.
Bottomline - if you’re looking for a new game to play by yourself that’s a little bit different, grab this one!

It’s on steam for $20, and in my humble opinion, worth every penny.
Hope you enjoy it!


Once I get my new graphics card (next week) I’ll for sure check it out. I loved Limbo


This looks really good. I was watching some streams of it on Twitch and instantly wanted it.


Ok, so I played the game. I loved Limbo, but this one didn’t really keep my interest as much. It is a beautifully made game, and very well done. I’m pretty sure others will love it, I however didn’t really enjoy as I thought I would