Game review category


I would REALLY like to see a game review section, or maybe even just change guides to “guides/reviews” or something. I’d really like to know how people in THIS community feel about games. Maybe they just need a specific place other than “List your top ten favs” posts.


This was briefly discussed a bit in Discord, and the consensus of those in the discussion was that there’s not enough content of the type to warrant a category all its own. We have a (woefully-underused) #review tag that I think suffices for now, though expansion to a full-blown category is definitely not out of the question once there’s enough content being created to justify it.


alrighty, I’ll get on it :slight_smile:


I was the one who initially suggested a reviews category in some form. I thought that it would be good for both games and gear.

Maybe the category would see more use if there was an actual category dedicated for it.


It’s possible, but I think generally in the chicken/egg discussion we prefer to see a purpose for something and then make it rather than create something that needs a purpose.


I would encourage anyone who is considering writing reviews, guides, or any other content to not worry about where it goes. Certainly don’t make something like that a blocker for putting it up. Moving and organizing content is easy and we can always adapt things based on what’s coming out.


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