Game time! (Help?)

I am getting some time off from work this coming week (finally) and I really need to work on my character and just practice some things.
For example: I am decent at driving/avoiding things but not so great at the high speed turns. Can anyone suggest some races I can use to practice this?
Also I am so embarrassingly bad at shooting people in the head (or just shooting them at all xD). Must practice. Can anyone suggest any fairly short/easy missions I can use to practice one shot kills?
And last but not least anyone that wants to derp around and work on increasing stats (though I see that a lot of you are already really high level and have probably maxed your stats already) we can play some tennis or do some shooting or steal a bicycle and go for a ride.
I forgot to add that I am so bad at flying I can’t even. I will try doing the flight school again but if there are any easy (stress on the easy) flying races I can practice with that would be swell.

It’s hard to say if there’s a “best” mission for any of those things. I would just do random jobs and stay in the queue.

If I’m on feel free to ask. Happy to help, or at least watch you crash.

I have done some epic crashings

I have spent my time making races and deathmatches that can help train a person into becoming a decent player.
Over the last 6 months i have trained a new to the GTA franchise how to play, And now she is almost better then me.
Feel free to add me on psn, “Steffanfree96” quote message “Strats” for help with GTA skills.

Hope i can be of help.