Gameplay Recording Software & Hardware to Get Started


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blog looks beautiful. good job man. nice and simple.

also, the overview of the software/hardware was short but effective. well done.

what do you use vocino?


I used to use dxtory a lot. It works really well and produces high quality recordings.

Now that I stream more, I mostly just use OBS and do a simultaneous recording. The downside is you can’t record and stream in 2 separate quality settings.


Since I have a separate capture rig (AKA my laptop for school), I record using the Elgato HD60 so I don’t hurt my main rig’s performance for gaming/streaming/etc.


Honestly if your mostly recording stuff on a casual basis then windows 10 has that great built in record functionality. Just press windows key + g to bring it up. You can also set it to shadow record up to 10 minutes of footage on a rolling basis just in case you want to grab some epic moment but don’t want to keep your recording on all the time.

You can’t livestream with it (yet?) but it’s by far the best recording system outside of getting capture hardware since it’s built in right at the OS level. Surprised you don’t mention it in that blog post


I was using Action! for a while, and it seemed to work reasonably well. Simple, and didn’t cut into framerates too much. However, I recently got a 1440p 144Hz monitor, and Action! didn’t support video capture over 1080p. Because of this I went and downloaded OBS, and found that even for non-streamers, it is a WAY more powerful and versatile program.

If you’re a beginner and want something simple and easy, Action! is a great program.

If you want the best program out there, it’s got to be OBS.