Gameplay video production or streaming category

Continuing the discussion from InvaderDoom Here :slight_smile::

Yeah we just need a good title. I would like to keep it to one word if possible. They display better if they’re short as well.

What about simply “video”? Is that too broad?

I might be over thinking this… Video seems narrow to me, I don’t think streaming when I see video, I think Youtube. “Multimedia”, maybe?

Heh, you don’t think streaming when you see video? It is video though. It’s streaming video :slight_smile:

I like “Video” or maybe “Multimedia”?

Would “publishing” work maybe? And let it cover video as well as written (blogs, etc).

Are we thinking this is specifically for video creators?

Common sense stings sometimes :smirk: … I’m over thinking it. I’ll step out of my self made paradigm. Video has my vote.

I like “Multimedia” or “Streaming Multimedia” although that seems a bit long for a tag

It’s also not limited to streaming.

Well when I see Multimedia, I personally think Images, Videos, Blogs, or anything created really.

mul·ti·me·dia adjective -ˈmē-dē-ə
: using or involving several forms of communication or expression

But “Video” would work just as well. I just know there are people out there that mainly focus’ on game reviews, blogs, graphics, 3d modeling, animation, etc. Of course I’m thinking bigger picture in the future :smile:

That’s a good point. It’s worth noting that what you’ve mentioned is indeed part of the long term plan here.

It’s also worth noting that we can always change the category name.

I vote for Multimedia or just Media.

A tagging system would alleviate most of this topic.

Tag topic: media, podcast

I know we talked briefly about that system, but this may put more backing on it.

One thing that I think hurts the usefulness of a robust tagging system is that real time search works really well. How often do you want to see only podcast tagged posts? My guess is not very often. 9 times out of 10 you’re interested in the latest posts and topics across the entire forum.

I’m not even sure how the tagging system works, but when it comes to forums I personally like to read each post. That way I can go back and re-read posts if I missed something I don’t understand. Maybe I’m not understanding the tag system?

If I undestand it correctly, discourse (this forum software) has opted not to have a tagging system. They have a very robust search system that makes a tagging system redundant. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Essentially, @GuardianX had proposed a system where instead of main categories for games like we have now, we have broad categories (maybe for types of games or genres) and then tags for other aspects.

The database scheme would look something like this:

  • Topic has a Category
  • Topic has many Tags
  • Category has many Topics
  • Tag has many Topics

Well looking from my standpoint as a newcomer, I’m not sure I would understand that system very well. It was already kind of confusing when I first signed up since this seems to be a very new forum style for me. Although maybe I’m just a nublet :stuck_out_tongue:

For your viewing pleasure.


How would this affect our hits on Google? Would this make us have more key words to get hit on? From what I understand we get a lot of traffic as is, but could we improve it with tags?