Gamer who lives a now "Adult Life" /sigh


Essentially I stumbled upon this forum through a post I caught on reddit (/r/gamerpals sub I believe). Anyways, what stood out to me was that the post stated strats seemed more or less geared towards “mature” gamers with limited time. I myself live an “adult” life with very limited time allotted for gaming.

I’m in a weird place in that I love staying current on games, reading reviews, watching people play (Twitch), and trolling around on reddit reading whatever may interest me as far as games go. But I hardly game in the larger scheme of things (because like any hobby its quite boring when you do it alone). So I spend a lot of time reading about/watching games if you get what I mean.

I would love to find a group of people to consistently game with but at my age (28) that is easier said than done. Some work, have kids, marriage, hobbies, or maybe you’re just too damn tired. None of my real life friends own a computer and certainly don’t game (kids and girlfriends). Anyways, before I ramble too much… I’ll keep it at this for now.


Hey mate, welcome to the party! A ton of us juggle real life and gaming around these parts, so we know the struggle. What games are you into these days? Also, since you enjoy watching streams, we do have an official Twitch Team that has someone streaming more often than not. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Thanks for welcoming me. Hm I honestly like all types of games, I love MMOs but don’t currently play due to lack of people to play with. I’ve tried most MMOs at one point of another. I just got back into CSGO (I’ve played for a total of maybe 6 hours so in no way am I “good”), just bought Batman Arkham City GOTY for like $4 so I’m attempting to beat that… eventually. I like it all, shooters, fantasy, MMOs, smite, anything really…


Welcome to Strats @meddlingmage, it’s been good chatting with ya on Discord.

Hopefully you’ve found your gaming home :smiley:


We can only hope so! Thanks


Welcome to the Strats Fam! :strats_green: :sistas:


I always have this struggle. Fortunately I have the strength to overcome my will not to play video games instead of do what “society” says a “grown up” has to “do”.


Since you mentioned MMO’s, I know we have a lot of folks playing Black Desert Online (one time purchase, no subscription fee) :wink:


Yes I have heard rumblings pertaining to this game around here, but from what I understand its not what I typically like. I have never liked anything about traditional Asian/KR MMOs


Welcome to Strats!! :slight_smile: I think you might like BDO…i am not a fan of the KR grindy MMO but this one has an unimaginable load of content for what you pay its just awesome…i played on a 7 day pass and didnt much care for it, it was only after i went back to it that i came to appreciate the game. lemme know if you wanna try it out as i think i , or 1 of the others players, still have some 7 day passes. cheers!




Welcome to the cave man! Have fun, enjoy and go crazy!!!


Welcome friend! We definitely hear what you’re saying and can relate. :smile:


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