Gamertag Change



I changed my gamertag from DrAculaMD to Philspaz like 5 years ago and I’m thinking about changing it back or to something else. Tired of people asking me how to say it, if there’s a story behind it, and I just don’t like having my real name in my gamertag.
This would take alot of work to switch aaaallll the places I’ve used it and I think I’d have to pay blizzard. Trying to think of a new one, any suggestions?


Leave it as is and just tell people you’re this guy.


You would have to pay Blizzard. I’m not sure which services will actually let you change the name of an existing account. You might have to start fresh with some of them.


Unfortunately, I think for some services you won’t be able to change it. Creating a new account might be pretty annoying.

Overall though, I’m in favor of the evolution and growth of Philz.


Playstation does not over name change at this time, if memory serves. Not sure how much ps gaming you do, but yeah.




Beware, if you change Blizzard gamertag it also changes the #'s next to your tag.


What’s the point of the numbers?


Blizzard allows people to have the same name.

We could all change our names to StratsCo if we wanted.


I figured it was something as simple as this, but wasn’t sure.


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