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You can always tell when a bunch of titles drop: nobody posts all night then the forums blow up while everyone’s at work :wink:

What’s your biggest time-sink right now?


My biggest time sink is WoW at the moment. I’m really enjoying having a game that I know I will enjoy for a while. I was bouncing so many F2P games around that I was just not getting the Immersion I was looking for.


FF13’s Steam release for me. Though, once the PS4 gets here today I imagine my time will be going toward GTAV


GTA 5 with a splash of Destiny for me, though excluding the last 2 days where I’ve absolutely mucked my sleep schedule I’ve been playing very little because of school; winter break can’t get here fast enough :wink:


GTA WILL be my biggest time sink in just a few days (and when they hammer out the rough patches online).

I know that feeling brother. The best part about working for Higher Education is that delicious Thanksgiving vacation mmm… all those late nights


Right now it’s Destiny. I’ve been looking forward to the iron banner for awhile. It’s something I really enjoy and I need that level thirty gear.

GTA V is next and I can’t wait to play it more with you guys. The game us a blast every time I play.

I have been staying up way too late playing, but it’s to fun to miss out on. I’m sure the next week week be more of the same. Although I should be applying for jobs because I graduate in a month. :blush:


I’d say for me, the majority of my time goes into ArcheAge at the moment, with an equal amount being split between the new WoW expansion, and Dragon Age: Inquisition.
And a little dash of Mount & Blade: Warband in there as well.


Oh god, that game used to be a huge time sink for me…until I realized I was just terribad at it and gave up XD


My biggest time sink is not being in the country :frowning:


I don’t know if you can actually be good at that game. Just when things start going well you get caught out by 2 150 man war parties.


It has got to be GTA right not. I have played from the early evening until dawn the last two days.


Yeah, Gtav I may have to relocate to the garage literally lol


I’ve been loving Destiny for the past few weeks, but I have a feeling it will be GTA for a while now…I kind of think I’ll miss Destiny’s grind a little. Sounds strange that I’m saying that, but it is truly digital crack.

I think GTA will help me with my withdrawal symptoms.

Last night my sides were hurting after laughing so hard after a convenience store robbery gone bad with @jbarron49 and @Droul.

And by bad I mean as soon as we walked in the store @Droul shot the clerk in the face before we got any money. Then the fuzz chased us all over town racking up a 4-star wanted level. We actually survived for quite a while until all 4 wheels of @Droul 's Strats mobile was riding on rims, and @jbarron49 couldn’t keep the car under control enough to escape and stay alive.

What a great start to this awesome game! I can’t wait to get in and cause more pandemonium!


GTAV-DAI-GTAV-DAI-GTAV-DAI X_X Crash a car, kill a demon, punch a hooker, ride a horse… What is this I don’t even…


Yea I’m going to wait until I get bored with GTA before I get Dragon Age. I know I want to play it, I just don’t have time. Plus hopefully it will be cheaper when I get around to playing it, same with Far Cry 4.


hey that clerk looked at me the wrong way!! LOL
god im laughing right now thinking about that…was soooo much fun.

GTA has 100% of my gaming attention right now…with WOW and destiny needing some love actually…i got to level 96 in wow and then GTA dropped and i havent been back since.


Grand Theft Auto: Inquisition
A game about punching demon-hookers, by BioStar.

…I would play this game…


10/10 Would play again.


Dude, that was for funny. I am still laughing about you going to get peaches, then the vendor got run over, freaking awesome. Yeah, no destiny for me until the DLC comes out in December, maybe longer.

That was so funny last night, what a blast, logging on now, lets do it again.


I’ve been averaging about 10 hours a day of Warframe for the past week or more, I have a serious problem.