Games. I need Games--of the PC variety


Hellur all. Guten mormon & all that Jazz. How is everyone?

I am a straight noobie when it comes to PC games and I am in search of more games that will keep my interest. I currently have:

Riders of Icarus–I play but I sing more than anything else…it’s honestly pretty but boring.
Boogeyman–I’m playing it soon
Smite–I usually rage quit because I suck compared to console
Overwatch–^^ read above comment
Evolve-- First time ever getting hate mail and making my whole team rage because I was that awesome as a healer
Tera—also super boring to me
We Happy Few – gives me heart palpitations but I enjoy it
Inside (I believe that’s what the Limbo creators game is called) – wasn’t for me.
Ghost in The Shell — I don’t really enjoy PC FPS but this was kind of fun. Until I got shot in the face.
CSGO – I usually turn a corner and Jesus touches me with death instantly, so I stay clear of that game.

I’ve played LoL (I’m that person that enjoys making people rage), Dota 2 (not for me at all), Heroes of whatever it’s called (also not for me).

I love games that make me think while also being incredibly entertaining. I’ll play scary games, but I can’t guarantee that I will finish them out. I’ve also played the entire witcher and dark souls series and have rage quit them on more than one occasion. I still have yet to touch dark souls 3 since the stupid tree with ball sacks destroyed my life. As well as Bloodborne, well that game can just die and burn for all I care.

So please, any recommendations for my entertainment, tears, and rages would be greatly lurved and apperciated!!


LoL, love the descriptions

Sounds like you are into more fast paced games? Not really like artsy or sim games?

If you are into RPGs:

Fun game filled with social commentary and shooting. Overall kinda a mind bender twist to it too.

is pretty cool, basically a room by room dungeon explorer where you build a team and progress through a dungeon. The hand-drawn-ness of the art makes it all cool. Certainly not the best story but a nice time waster and relatively cheap.

If you are into survival / horror:

Is a blast, basically survive on a deserted location that houses cannibals. The game is in alpha and is not done by any means but is playable and is pretty entertaining.

Is basically tag but with a serial killer being “It”. Has competitive style placement for matches and you level up, I watch a few streamers play it and it seems pretty fun.


I think you covered most of my Steam and library in your post so I really don’t know much else to suggest. Most of the other Steam games I own are also available on PS4.

Darkest Dungeon could be considered a thinking game. But if you are prone to raging then this game will surely bring it out. Don’t get attached to your characters because they are likely to die. Often. Sometimes minutes after you hire them.

Enter the Gungeon is also available on PS4. It’s a bullet-hell game (projectiles flying everywhere) and rogue-like (meaning you get one life and it’s game over) so lots of raging to be had here also. Highly recommend a gamepad for this one.

I would also recommend Dead by Daylight. It’s similar to Evolve but the giant monster is replaced with a 70s/80s slasher flick bad guy. A team of 4 survivors have to escape being caught by the bad guy. It’s been a fairly popular Twitch game for a couple months now.


Ah I do have dead by daylight. I love being the monster. I suck but I get to kill at least one survivor so all is happy in my world. I will definitely check out the others mentioned as well. The forest looks entertaining for sure. I’m all for attempting to survive hordes of something or other just to die rapidly.


I hear Sid Meier’s Civilization V is a good thinking game. I havnt played, but i did get it in the humble bundle. You may want to give that one a go. Atlas Reactor is very strategic game, and a blast, alot of people are skyrim/dragon age fans.

I recently got into Mafia II, got it in the humble bundle, and whats better than being in the mafia and kickin peoples ass?

Dont forget banner saga 1 and 2. epic games.

Rocket League has a huge following.


It definitely wasn’t the hardest, but it was a pretty lame boss battle, hated that thing.

It’s relatively rare that I stick with a game for more than a few hours, here are a few that I did.
Borderlands 2 (2 was the best of them imo)
Fractured Space
World of Warships
Ark: Survival Evolved
and of course Skyrim

and as for great thinking games with next to no replay value as far as I’m concerned:
Portal 1 and 2
Talos Principle
Polarity (this one’s kinda meh, but still good)

I just picked up a 7 day pass for Black Desert Online and it seems like something I could spend some serious time on, just have to decide whether or not to buy…

I was gonna also put darkest dungeon but it seems your rage quit meter may be a little high and that game can get pretty frustrating

Hope that helps :grin:


I’ll second FTL and Darkest Dungeon, though as already stated they can be frustrating at the same time, but its at least to be expected so I enjoy it. They both have an interesting sense of humor.

Civ V and the Civ: Beyond Earth are good strategy games, but I tend to get bored quickly with them.

South Park’s Stick of Truth is a fun take on RPGs

SWToR is a “free” mmo. It’s pretty crappy to play free though, I’d recommend a sub for a month. The solo stories/leveling is awesome imo but I never got into the mmo part of it.

Skyrim on pc, modded, is a lot more fun than the console version and will finally have a 64 bit version soon. Once that happens, you’ll also be able to use a lot of mods on the console as well. PC includes free update to remastered version…have to purchase separately on console.


It’s worth mentioning that they’re throwing this game in for free if you preorder The Fractured But Whole. If you like Southpark, the games are basically interactive South Park episodes; highly recommended :wink:


Awesome!! Thanks for all the insight everyone!! Appreciate it! There are definitely some games I will be checking out.