GameStop buys ThinkGeek out from under Hot Topic


Makes perfect sense. What have I been saying in thread after thread? GameStop will be out of business if they don’t figure out a way to compete with digital downloads on consoles.

Expect GameStop to evolve into a collectibles/swag/stuff kind of store catering to the gamer/nerd culture.


I feel like this article offers a valid counterargument in the near term reference the demise of physical disc sales. Essentially, the current and predict dip in physical disc sales in the coming years is pretty insignificant despite the much-more-impressive growth of digital sales, but I also understand why Gamestop is future-proofing before it’s too late; it’s a smart move.


Why can’t they just focus on selling digital downloads like Green Man Gaming


They tried when they bought Stardock’s Impulse technology for a while (it went down for good a couple years ago); they can’t compete with Steam, Origin, and the like while simultaneously maintaining their store-fronts and employees.


Honestly digital downloads are great. I don’t even have an optical drive on my gaming pc


If it does mine probably doesn’t open. Computer components atrophy if they don’t get used regularly. That’s why I keep all my important floppy disks healthy by using them as coasters.


Ah, yes. I’ve been looking for a stuff kind of store. I can just never get enough stuff.


GameStop has been turning into a swag store for a while now. We tested loot bins during holidays and stores could barely keep loot in stock it sold so quickly. Now it’s grown to a loot/clearance bin, a loot tower which has a glass case on top where we can show collectible statues, and a 2-4 foot loot wall. Its only going to grow now that we have think geek.


I think the biggest thing is the profit margin isn’t too huge on digital games. GameStop makes the most profit on preowned games, and very little on new/digital games. However, theybdo sell digital versions of most console and PC games, and they are starting to put a bit of an emphasis on them with digital sales goals now.