Gaming Headsets for Cheap(er than normal)


I’m a huge fan of Groupon. I buy everything there, and it’s far cheaper than searching in stores, and sometimes even cheaper than buying at most online outlets.

A lot of people were asking about headsets and what to use, so I thought I’d go see what they had, and bring some here for you. Obviously, this is my own personal preference, and mileage will vary, but there have been a lot of threads asking about recommendations on headsets, so I put this together.


Bronze Tier: Logitech G230

Silver Tier: Plantronics GamesCom 780

Gold Tier: Steel Series Siberia Elite

Looking for affordable microphone and headphone

So you’re the one, huh?


You forgot this!


Haha, that is awesome.


Yep, you know it. Someone has to keep them in business.



Thank you very much.
Before joining Strats, I was looking for a headset so I could do some Youtube Recording (And possibly buy other equipment in the future for twitch streaming).
My solution to fixing this long everlasting noise I can hear in the video is to get a headset
So thank you for showing me one of these!! About to purchase one now.


Anytime. “What Headset should I get” seems to be a very popular question here, so I am happy to assist. I hope that I’m able to help you find the headset that works best for you.

Headsets (specifically ones with noise cancelling mics) are definitely a great interim for streaming until you’re able to get a nicer mic and headphones. This is the option I’d recommend to most smaller streamers who don’t have the income coming in to support larger purchases.