Gaming Keypad - Thoughts?


I have a Razer Nostromo for the gaming keypad and the Naga as the mouse. I LOVE it. I can use the same setup for different types of games (all shooters have the same key for sprint, grenade, use, etc.) so it really easy to switch from one game to the other, as I simply program what each game is. For instance, one game might use “G” for grenade while another uses “J”. With my keypad, everything is always in the same place. It’s nice in ESO to have so many keys within easy reach and I never have to look down in the heat of the action. The ergonomic shape of the keypad means my hand doesn’t cramp up.

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It would seem that owning both a gaming keypad and an MMO mouse would be overkill. The function of the keypad is to offset WASD onto the D-pad/thumbstick so that your fingers are free to use the keys. The function of the MMO mouse is to place the keys on the mouse so your fingers are free to WASD only.

This might have been valid 10 years ago when games required 30+ keybinds. However MMOs have been downsizing on keys and commands such that everything should be handled by either a keypad or mouse.

Is my logic flawed?



Well, I have pretty much every single ESO key on both and never touch the keyboard except to type chat. If it is a simple MMO, it is overkill, but a lot of games have a ton of keys, so why not have all of them immediately available?



I disagree completely. FWIW, I have used gaming keypads and MMO mice for many years and loved every minute of it (also, I don’t have enough buttons still ;)). Right now I’m using a pair of Logitech products because they’re reliable, affordable (comparatively, if nothing else) and I need dem buttons!

For a keypad, I can’t recommend the Logitech G13 enough. In GW2, for example, I have all my skills bound to it along with stow weapon, inventory, map, ctrl/shift/alt (needed for various keybinds as well as their press-and-hold functionality), WASD on the joystick using a pinky key to jump (this take some getting used to but becomes life affirming once you get it down; @Diacuss uses the same style after I talked him into it), F1-F4 for class abilities (I use ctrl+F5 for the 5th), and Hero menu. The LCD screen even has some (albeit minimal) built-in functionality with GW2, though most of the time I leave it on the clock or stopwatch for this title. I also keep a more traditional WASD that I crack out for really annoying jumping puzzles if I’m having any trouble with joystick controls (happens once in a while if I’m tired, etc.).

For a mouse, I’m using the Logitech G600 which is basically a less-expensive Razer Naga with better buttons. I’m using the 3rd click button (yeah, that’s a thing) for Mumble PPT and the side buttons for interact, dodge, switch weapon/drop bundle, call target, take target, next target, previous target, nearest target, rotate 180 degrees, look behind, and auto-run. This leaves me a few more buttons in the event I need them for anything else. I’ve also got nearest ally, next ally, and previous ally over there thanks to ctrl+button with the same keys as the enemy ones.

Depends on how many keybinds you want; for me and my style, it’s a bit flawed. Especially for MMO’s, I personally love having as many vital keybinds available to me at all times, which is why I’m using a pair of products to achieve this. Even in other games, however, I do very similar things and very-nearly all the buttons get bound. In FPS’s I use traditional WASD on the gamepad along with some menu functions while my inventory/weapons are all bound on the mouse (keeping my hand on WASD at all times). The experience I’ve had with Logitech over the years (this G13 is 5ish years old at this point) has been great and it’s one that can’t be fully expressed until you’ve tried it :wink:

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The part in bold is important. If you used the G-shift (3rd click button) for all of your current side-button functions and set the normal buttons as skills + 2 other functions, would you really need most or all of the functions on your G13?



Yar. Ergonomically, I prefer to have a PTT that doesn’t utilize any finger that could be better put to use elsewhere. My right ring finger never had a job; now it does. It also allows for some proper-lazy 1-handed web browsing while eating/drinking/being attack by a cat and still being able to key up in Mumble :wink:

Additionally, with the way skill spam is as an Engineer (at least the way I play it) one finger (or thumb) can’t keep up with the key presses; I need 4 digits on my left hand working in the closest thing to unison they can achieve to do the crazy shit. Given the general pacing of GW2 combat, I wouldn’t want my right thumb to be responsible for so many functions like target acquisition and such in addition to trying to activate all my skills.

Outside of GW2, the alignment of the G13’s keys are way more comfortable than a traditional keyboard; I wouldn’t give up the comfort of a gamepad for anything, much less to go back to the awkward position my octave-and-a-fifth hand has to contort into on a traditional keyboard’s WASD:

No, I haven’t cleaned my desk in months; yes, I’m okay with this :wink:


Does anyone use a left hand mini keyboard thingy?
What Is/Was Your Best Gaming Peripheral Setup?

Wow great feedback guys. I’m definitely going to try to pick one up before my trip since I will be on my laptop. I love the LCD screen on the G13 but I like the joystick more on the side with Orbweaver/Tartarus. :cold_sweat:



@tompicazo14 uses the tartarus. I got to play around with it when he got it, I liked it’s adjust-ability, my hands are too big.



I used a nostromo n52 for a while, honestly it just seemed extraneous.



I have nothing to add to this conversation.



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Also got a new Wacom pen so it’s back to digital illustration for those who have requested character portraits.



I feel like the sticker tells you you made the right decision :wink:



I was going to say the same thing when I saw it.



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I probably will but hopefully not as much!



Don’t worry, you’ll always suck to me! :slight_smile:



I know we had chatted about this in the past…But I would absolutely love a portrait.

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Yes I can definitely do that!!