Gaming/Streaming All Day

Ok so today I have to stay up all day to change my sleep schedule, so figured I’d do it the best way I know how, by gaming. So I will be streaming as i play, of course, and would welcome any suggestions as to what games I should try/play (preferably free!). And if you have time you’re more then welcome to hop onto my twitch channel at Don’t get upset if I “ignore” you, gonna get my 2nd monitor set up today so I can see what people say when I’m playing but at the moment I cannot. Have a fun day y’all

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If you enjoy dungeon crawlers, I highly recommend giving Path of Exile a shot. It’s free to play, and imo gives Diablo a good run for it’s money. In many regards, I actually prefer PoE over D3.

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is it on steam? i’ll check it out after a couple of league matches

It sure is.

Best part about it is that it’s not Pay 2 Win in any way. There are microtransactions, but the only benefit you could get from that is additional storage options (Still have plenty to begin with). Other than that it’s just cosmetic items, etc. They have regular season, and races each month, etc. Easily my favorite F2P game, that stands tall against most AAA titles.

legends of grimrock? (2?)

Dungeon of the Endless is pretty sweet. Just look through my Steam list; I’d recommend anything that I own on that.

@DrizztDo_Urden69: You allllllready know I’m stopping through, Drizz!

You always support my streams (heck, you’re a regular now! <3) so I got you. :smile:


I found Age of Empires. you all are about to lose me lol…

@Tommy2118, @James_Eilers, @Nubhugs, @ghosthog my buddy’s headset has the 2 plug in set up and the mic works woooo, bout to start streaming again and i can talk now.

Now I’m gonna have to stop singing while playing video games…