Gaming streaming desks


Hi guys. So after some thought my pc desk is inadequate for my streaming needs and gaming. I was wondering what you guys use for gaming and streaming.


I will get my desk presentable tomorrow and take a picture of how I’ve iterated on the setup, but this is all the space I generally use for gaming/streaming (taken several years ago; throwback forum on the screen and everything):


Nice. I see. My problem is I have an L shape desk against the wall and my green screen about 6inches behind my chair. So I’m looking for something that can hold 2 24inch monitors and it make it easier to get out of without have ing to move my screen during long sessions


Oh also RainbowDash is best pony




I was considering a standing desk a while back. It might make for some good streaming too if you’re using a camera.


I was thinking that too but i feel like after a long streaming session it would cause more fatigue then anything


I have an L-shaped desk and two monitors. I bought a monitor arm (reference; this is not my model), mounted it to the desk and now have both monitors at the perfect height.


Hmm a good idea. My problem is getting out and having to move my green screen every time though. I dunno I feel like the big gap when the screen isn’t there breaks the immersion I’m kinda trying to create. And I hate just blocking space.


Auth using a Corsair keyboard instead of a Logicrap one? What is this?


Years ago before I accepted the errors of my ways. I actually hated that keyboard (especially the software) and gave it away when I bought my G910.


lol. Software to do what? It doesn’t have any macro keys…


Basically this, except add some speakers… and a Blue Yeti on a boom with a shock mount and pop filter…


The photo is dark, so it’s probably not easy to tell unless you zoom in; it’s a K95 :wink:


WOW. Those macro keys are so hard to see in that picture.


Don’t mind the mess :frowning:.


I was trying to find a photo of my old setup when we did Strats Weekly but failed as I’m mobile.



Dude, that’s a sick setup!


If that setup is yours, that’s awesome, but that is a very popular image found throughout google, with the image hosted on multiple boards, pinterest, etc.