Gaming: THEN vs. NOW


I think this is a good illustration of the state of gaming. It’s not that expansion packs or extra content are bad, it’s that we’re at the point where every. single. little. THING! is a DLC.


It’s actually painful. Games used to be 20 hours on their own. Now they are a solid 6-8 hours, with the DLC making up the last 12-14 hours. It really is a shame to see.

Or in the case of Mass Effect 3: you paid $59.99 for 90% of the game, and then essentially had to buy the ending, from what I heard.


I remember a time before xpacs were a thing. You didn’t even get to download a patch. You bought a game off a shelf, bugs and all, and waited for the next in the series to be released in a year or two.


“And we used to tie onions to our belts, which was the style at the time…”

It is getting ridiculous that they make us pay to get additional content, sometimes of dubious quality, for the same game, but I guess they have discovered it is more economically advantageous to do so.


i saw this image earlier on twitter, and it’s a pretty good representation of the situation.


My nephew sent me this one.


I Need mods in my life.