Garrison info so much info

So much stuff about garrisons. This will be insane to try.

any way we can get a source link? I can’t read this, and the zoom actually makes it smaller.

Done, edited the op

I don’t understand how anyone could think an image is the best format for distributing this information.

EDIT: I’m seriously considering transferring this info to an actual post if I have time.

Click it again to make it actual size.

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I think the reason was two fold: is a fairly popular data driven site not much in the way of images, gives him a change of pace.

People may want to know what some thing looks like as well as a general idea of what it does.

I’d check with him about paraphrasing. I know, legally, it is okay but his business is data based.

On my phone ATM, trying to keep things short.

It was rhetorical. The reason is he wants reddit upvotes and reddit loves opening something and clicking upvote or downvote. Having to land on a page that structured the content in a nice responsive way would be way too much to ask your average redditor.

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–average redditor-- Lowest common denominator :wink:

Okay, now that I can read it (thanks @Vocino) This is pretty cool. Kind of brings it back to original warcraft games.