Gear questions

Hey guys I have some questions about the gear I have and upgrading.

This is my current gear:

Should I spend my shards on upgrading my armor pieces or wait for raid gear? I will hopefully get sum good stuff from xur this weekend but otherwise I dont know. I heard you can only hit 30 with raid gear so…

Please give me some advice!:slight_smile:

I battled this for a while but I am going to end up upgrading the gear I have. I look at the raid gear as a bonus, if I get it that is one step closer to 30, but if I can’t there is always the next week. Hopefully Xur has a nice treat for you tomorrow.

I don’t know how much better raid gear is than faction legendaries offhand, but I’m upgrading as available on the gear statted how I want. There’s no telling how long it will take to get raid drops with your prefered stats, much less for your class.

Also, with the queen event going, shards are hardly in short supply of late :wink:

Me personally, I’d say you are raid ready. I’d save up for upgrading your raid drops.

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Good to hear from someone who knows a thing or two about raiding! And in the new patch you can’t dismantle the legendaries from the queens wrath event! I will atleast wait for xur to show up this weekend.

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