Gearbox Battleborn: Fantasy Sci Fi Shooter


I found a new game in development recently that looked pretty cool.

Reminds me somewhat of destiny and tf2.

Overwatch Gameplay Videos

does look very similar, and entertaining.

have seen firefall? try checking that out. the style is pretty neat.


is anyone else tired of FPS games? good post @Zontago but i find it hard nowadays to get excited about any FPS as there are 18 million already out there.


some fps games are the most engaging games.
ones that can create surreal experiences are the best. im all for that, and hope they continue.
Movies should go fps


oh dont get me wrong…i love shooting people in the face but there just seems to be a glut of them on the market nowadays and more to come. They do create a great immersion factor and many hours of shenanigans, mayhem and fun!


Theres too many shooters like there are zombie survival, and rpg fantasy games. Companies like reliable models. Gearbox is also hiring testers in the dallas area to try out the game and give feedback.


If it’s not a genre you’re a fan of, I can see how you might have that sentiment, but by that standard you could also say:

It’s just one of those things we discover about ourselves the more we play games. It makes for great dialogue with people who are on board with a specific title in the genre you’re kinda “meh” on because they’re going to focus the discussion on how it differs; it’s then up to you to decide if it’s different enough to be worth your time (aren’t you getting the Handsome Collection? ;)).

For me it’s:

Let the record show I fucking love Pokemon, which is single-player :wink:


this looks like if Wildstar was an FPS


I was aware of this game but haven’t checked up on it recently. I think it’s more of an FPS-MOBA.

As for the number of shooters on the market, I’m not sure I agree. It’s mostly a new CoD or Battlefield every year with a couple thrown in for fun. Now the late 90s-00s was really saturated.


FPS with a MOBA twist… I like, I like.