Gearheads, check out this list of car specs



Wonder how cars compare to one another, here’s the most comprehensive list I can find; enjoy :wink:

@Vocino: there was no freakin’ way I was going to put all this in a post :wink:

Your First Online Vehicle: Show It Off!

Definitely a classic car for me!


I think I see my El Camino under the muscle cars…


I can’t wait, gents.


Since the re-release does not get the collector’s edition I wonder if the cars will ever be obtainable?


I hope so. II want the Jack knife.


Nice post, didn’t know these states were available.

The Annis Elgy RH8 is free to all social club members, because of that I think this would make a great team car that we call out fit with team color and log. I have found this to be zippy car that handles very well, and is great for getting away from the cops. With some armor, bombs, and better breaks; all will be unlocked as the player ranks up, this car will be quit useful in our quest for dominating the game/players.


El Camino; awesome. Its a truck and a car.


It’s the mullet of automobiles.


I’ll be shooting for the Rhino Tank


Gallivanter Baller all the way, nothing says gangster like picking up the Strats Crew in an SUV and dropping them off at soccer practice.


I’m getting the most bad ass 4 seater I can find. Never know when you will Need to pick up the crew and haul ass!!


Business in the front, party in the back:)


People who had collector’s edition last gen will have it this gen. I don’t know if we’ll otherwise be able to get then.


These are my two Strats cars ready for business. The Black one is the ELGY RH8 that I mentioned in the earlier post. The other is a four seater, just in case I need to pick up a few crew members.


Amazing! I can’t wait to set up my cars. We need group screen shots! @tommy2118 @nubhugs @droul


Hell yeah. Looks so slick with the black.