General questions about Crowfall



Paging @wayward. Have a couple of questions that I’m hoping you can answer for me. Have you played any of the alpha? Alot of classes to pick from, are there any that are better than others or is it personal preference? Have any of us that have pledged bought the guild name reservation? What’s your curent pledge package? I have the gold package. Is it worth it to buy a larger keep or castle? I see alot of upgrades in the store for guild stuff and property stuff…can we visit others keeps and kingdoms?
Thanks for any info you can provide!!


Negative: I think @teh_ninjaneer has played some, and I also believe he has followed the development of the game in general more than I have.

I would assume Personal Preference will be the largest determining factor here, but as with any game I’m sure a Meta will form where certain classes rise to the top and others see less play. Although the fact that we are only in Alpha suggests that Balance might not really be present yet, at least not in the same way it will be at Launch.

I have not, I am Bronze I believe. I get access to Alpha 3 and Beta Group 6.

I haven’t had enough experience with this to say whether or not it will be worth it in the long run. Maybe @teh_ninjaneer has some insight about this.

Yes you can. The Kingdoms are where most of the trade will take place.


I was going to stay out of this thread but I see I’ve been summoned.

I played during the first alpha. There will eventually be lots of classes to pick from but currently there are only 4 classes to play (3 during the first phase of alpha testing).

Combat is the focus of these first testing rounds. Players are placed into groups of 3-4, dropped into what they call The Hunger Dome. and you run around collecting gear and fighting to the death. After a few moments The Hunger starts to creep into the circular map so everyone is herded toward the middle. You either die to the enemy or you die to The Hunger.

They first started with the Knight as a tank class, Confessor for ranged/magical DPS, and the Centaur Legionnaire for a healer/melee DPS. During this second round they added the Champion for true melee DPS. Soon they will be adding the Ranger, I think, for stealth/physical ranged DPS.

Upon release, the game will have many similarities to Albion Online. You will need dedicated gatherers/crafters in this game. People will lose their gear either through durability loss (breaking) or by dying and people taking it from them. The only things persistent are your character and your kingdom. Everything, including the campaign world, will die.

Now it’s up to you if you want to stay in your Eternal Kingdom or go fight in the Dying Worlds. But similar to Albion, there are limited low-level resources in your Kingdom. If you’re going to stay in your EK and craft all day, you need to make friends with people who are willing to go to the Dying Worlds, retrieve materials and bring them to you. But the truly successful crafters will be the ones willing to travel to the Dying Worlds and craft at the towns within them.

If you plan to be a crafter then it will probably be worthwhile for you to build up your Kingdom. Those will be the marketplaces in the game world. The larger your kingdom the more buildings you can place within it. You can also share your kingdom with your guild to combine resources. Not a lot of information has been released about the EKs yet. Probably because Artcraft hasn’t figured out how to make it all work.

To be honest, I haven’t followed the game for 2 months or more. I refunded my pledge for this and Camelot Unchained after I realized that I could not dedicate the time to MMOs like this anymore. After seeing what a commitment Albion was going to be I knew there was no way I could do these new MMOs.


Thanks to both of you…I appreciate you taking time to share some info!!