Get in mumble!


is the info. You should be in there, the only way to revive a dead mumble is if you actually idle in a dead mumble.

Also, Vocino…is there a way to have people in the AFK channel not count towards the server count? Kinda sucks seeing 8 people online and 7 of them are in AFK.



Maybe, after 15/30 minutes in AFK it DC’s you?

I dunno it just seems pointless to log into mumble to see the vast majority (at times) of people in the AFK.



There’s nothing in the murmur config about not counting some channels in the online number that I can see.

I could do an anti-idle I think but I kind of like having people idle. It makes it seem more alive than having no one connected.

Keep in mind that people are mostly playing a console game with built in voice comms right now. When ArcheAge launches or when playing PC titles it will bounce back.

We can do a better job of promoting it too probably. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd so we just need some core re-adoption. We need the lobby to be a place where people sit while computing, not just where people join a game channel when playing a specific game.



This is a good point. There are many times I’m working on something on the computer and I have mumble up, but I’m sitting in AFK watching to see if anyone comes in. I’ll start sitting in the lobby instead, that just makes more since.

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I’m usually always in Mumble. At the moment however, I’ve been glued to my TV and Destiny.