Get in on some Tamriel Unlimited!



I know a bunch of you already have the game because that is how Strats started and it’s free now so there really isn’t any reason not to play. If you are bored with your VR guy then start another. That’s what I did. Hop on in and let’s get this thing going again.
#All the cool kids are doing it!


It’s on my gameplay list of PS4 titles I’m streaming in the near future. I’m definitely getting on it!


I believe it comes out for consoles in June (9th?).


I’m getting my Senche Tiger mount today, so I am definitely in.


I don’t know if I will be on tonight. I got drafted by the Nashville Predators and I have my first NHL game.


Whoa, the Preds are playing tonight? :o


I know I’m in for this game when it releases on PS4!


Same here, @Huntersknoll! I can’t wait.