Get ready guardians!




I’m not sure why they’re only doing this for a limited time.


Maybe to test it. See who will actually do it. Or maybe it will be like iron banner where it’s only during certain times. I want it to be perminant but we will see.


Underwhelmed, and at least it’s something.


I’m excited. Been wanting this since release


this isn’t nearly enough to bring me back to destiny with all the games out at this time of the year. Taken King was awesome the first week I played it, but then it just fell flat for me. I’m glad i didnt stick with it or i might not have experienced other games. I also heard that the loot system for the raid is wack now too…oh but cool, now we can do racing…dumb.


This sounds amazing!


I think they’ve confirmed that this 3-week phase is a ‘test’.

After that, they will probably implement it in the rotation along with Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris.


Let’s go racing guys last one across the finish line has to give oryx a great big hug.