Getting OBS setup

@Auth and @tommy2118, I know you guys have a good setup for OBS that has the chat overlay and all that good stuff. Also @AiKiller, your setup is nice with the names on the overlay. I’m considering a move from my current setup to OBS and I’d like to get some advice on what the best plugins and whatnot to use for different things.

How about a lesson?

You are not going to like how I do my chat. :slight_smile: I am using a Chrome plugin called BetterTTV from . They have chat box pop out and a darkening option that pretty much sets the chat box up for green screen in OBS.

So before I stream I have to open my twitch dashboard website, pop out the chat, toggle it to dark and set up the window capture in OBS. Kinda a pain, but it works for now.

Once I have it set up In OBS I select the chat box while in “edit scene” and hold the ALT key while resizing the window. This turns it into a crop instead of a resize. This is how I cut off the top and bottom of the chat box.

I’ll try and throw up some screen grabs later tonight. Hope this helps.


Yeah that sounds like a bit of a process. I might try to figure out something. Seems like grabbing the chat from irc might work well but you wouldn’t get the icons and emotes.

@auth uses a capture of his chatty. Since he has it open already it is a faster process, just not as pleasing to the eye in my opinion.

Edit: @Vocino I tried other options for capturing the chat and most seemed to be at the mercy of the Twitch API. The software worked when it was developed, but when Twitch changed something the apps broke. My BetterTTV solution at least is not dependent on twitch API

Literally doesn’t have shadowed text, that’s his only complaint with chatty; it still supports chroma keying and emoticons (I do both ;))

TeeBoard allows you to do quite a bit from what song is playing to twitch chat in an overlay.

Teeboard requires you to use another plugin that i think maybe be more your style:


Easiest way to describe these 2 addons is that they allow you to run your own code. Kinda broad but it is a really broad addon.

You can likely get away with just using the clr addons if you don’t want too much stuff.

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I looked at Teeboard as well. I am pretty sure the chat overlay got busted after a Twitch API change and it has not been updated. I really wanted it to work though, it has a lot of build in functionality.

If you follow both of those it SHOULD work. I sometimes have issues with it but mainly it works as intended.

The top one gets you all of the things his setup has to offer and the bottom one helps with chat.

It’s all about tee board. I can’t live without it now. Been using it for several months. Hasn’t been updated in a while but still works great.

I’ll have to try it again. I used the 2nd video you referenced but not the 1st. Hopefully I missed something and all will be well. Thanks for the share.

the chat widget in teeboard is so much cleaner than any other option i’ve tried.

there’s a few things you need installed to get most of the functions of teeboard to work.

you need CLR Browser Source Plugin installed in OBS. If you go to that link, you can see some other stuff that needs to be updated for OBS to use it properly. (Visual C++ Redistributables and .NET Framework). but other than that, the setup is fairly easy, especially with the Teeboard developers tutorial videos.

I also love the follower/subscription/donation alerts. but the default alert sound is super loud and scares the shit outta me, especially when hiding from zombies in H1Z1.

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This option sounds much more aesthetically appealing than the options I’ve heard, including using IRC and other clients and doing screencaps.

Yeah I use the BTTV chat as well but I use that on my AFK screen gives everyone a bit more to look at. But other than that it’s about all I use besides TwitchAlerts follower/hosting/donation system.

I will need help with all this once my comp is built. So be ready for more questions .

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@DrizztDo_Urden69 just send me a pm anytime and i’ll try to get on mumble to help out.

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@GuardianX @dontcallmejames , Big thank you to both of you. I wiped out my OBS and started over with the teeboard Plugins. Everything is working now and I have to say it is giving me more of the functions I am looking for with half the hassle. I must have had something corrupted that would not allow it to work before. :smile:

With all of this talk about OBS, I might start setting it up in the background and use it after my subscription to XSplit has expired. I loved Xsplit for it’s ease, but it isn’t always the most functional. It sounds like OBS has far more customizability.

Xsplit was good back in the day but the OBS project has had quite a lot of contribution these days.

Appreciate that brother

i ditched xsplit after my 1st year of subscription ran out. OBS does everything and more for a much better price (free!).

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