Getting the basics set-up for your stream

Beginning your streaming

Riot EU just released a small guide on getting your stream up and running in a very basic sense.

The most viewed thread on strats is about streaming but is fabulously out of date, I’m going to link it instead to this thread.


I still maintain that Geforce Experience is as basic and easy as you can get.

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I agree, from ease of use the 1 click solutions are the easiest but don’t allow for any sort of flex. Can’t have overlays, can’t have much else.

Did you ever get The Division to work for you on GeForce experience?

Naah, a lot going on right now, time wise, and I can’t really troubleshoot it.

Once things get settled down in a couple months I will take a look at it.

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Hit me up when you do. My friends and I are min maxing out characters