Ghost Recon Closed Beta - Thoughts



I am curious to hear what you all think about this game from the brief glimpse we are getting in the closed beta. To me, the game feels like a collision of Far Cry, past Ghost Recons, and Shadows of Mordor (minus the never ending leaders). I will not be buying it when it releases, due to conflicts with Horizon Zero Dawn and Mass Effect Andromeda, but it looks like it would be fun to take out the cartel at some point!

What are your thoughts?


A few quick thoughts:

  • It feels very GTA-like. While the gameplay in the beta did seem somewhat repetitive, the open world does allow for quite a bit potential.
  • The AI seems to have LoS super powers. Somewhat concerned this was done to increase difficulty instead of smarter AI.
  • Definitely a title I’d rather play co-op with than on my own.

Will I buy it? I’m still not sure. I like it, but as I feel I need a fire team to make it work…


I completely agree with this statement. Though, the other possibility is that i’m way less stealthy than I think I am…

Based on the computer squadmates so far I would definitely prefer a 4 person squad over AI help!


I enjoyed my time with it. Definitely the type of open world game i like to play as it will keep me occupied over several months. I am also the type to want to collect EVERYTHING.

Just like you however, I am prioritizing Horizon, Nioh and ME before this. I will also wait and ensure it doesn’t launch with serious bugs. Plus there is a chance it wont sell well and see an early “sale” :joy:


No lie, I was really underwhelmed by it. However, I did enjoy playing it with my roommates. I think it has a lot of potential, but it just needs to be polished. I’d be okay if they delayed the game.


Well it’s Ubisoft so it won’t be delayed…as much as patched later! :stuck_out_tongue:

My friends and I agreed that we would like to slowly play through it together, but we would not be willing to spend $60 to play it at this point. Purchasing it at 50% off or more next holiday season seems a lot more reasonable to us.

Also, was anyone else very disappointed with the AI squadmates. I didn’t spend a lot of time alone, but I felt like they were constantly too far away to support me, especially if I was spotted inadvertently. I used the group up command a lot and still felt like they were still way too far away to be immediately useful in a firefight. However, if I was in a car and I told them to open fire they would annihilate things…lol


The game has good a potential. I did All beta missions and went outside Beta area :slight_smile:

It is really fun to play with friends, try to do a complete mission 100% Stealth and so on.

There is only one thing that worried me. Is that looks like the missions are going to be a bit repetitive. The map is FREAKING HUGE!!!

I glitched outside BETA borders with @WizzleMizzle and we explored pretty much the whole map! Oh man they even have missile stations!! We barely dodge like 3 missiles thanks the my pirate flying skills.

There is tons of roaming AI, both ground and air. And roaming missions too.

This is a game that i would only play with at least with 2 more friends to have lots of fun.


I took my thoughts & put them in a video:


Great news…

The open beta will include a new Province


That’s awesome. I was out of town for half of the closed beta, so I hope to have more time to explore for the open. Ubisoft is busy this month with two different betas!

Also @lyteforce that was a great video! Thanks for sharing.


Appreciate that!