Ghost Recon: Wildlands Launch Megathread



With the launch of Ghost Recon: Wildlands only a few days away, I thought I would create a megathread to share all the news & data I’ve collected. If you happen to come across anything of interest, feel free to add it here!

Launch Times

Ecosystem & Difficulty Map

Season Pass & PvP Video

Exclusive Twitch Prime Loot

Twitch Prime members will receive:

  • Two item patches
  • XP Booster
  • Santa Blanca Hat
  • Santa Blanca Shirt
  • Skorpion gun used by El Muro featured in the War Within The Cartel.

Who’s Playing by Platform





What platform are you guys playing on? I know @Auth is in it as well.


I’ll be rocking out on the PS4. And something else to add to the wiki.


PC checking in.


I liked the open beta a lot. Will be PC.


Didn’t get a chance to play open beta, but picked up the game yesterday for PC. Will be playing @ launch.


Welcome back!

WHEN i pick this up, i’ll likely grab it for PS4


Haha thanks. Funny how real life comes in spurts. Should have a but more free time coming up though.