Ghost Recon: Wildlands Mobile App



Remember that you can gather resources by completing missions on the mobile app. Good for being productive in the Wildlands between meetings. :slight_smile:

[Ghost Recon: Wildlands] Task Force: StratsCo [PC/PS4]

Use your fast-forward button!


Does that work even when the device isn’t connected to your game?


It builds up a resource store that you can transfer when you connect it.


I feel like it’s really neat and potentially useful early on, but right now I’m just desperate for skill points and have 10k+ of some supplies (without transferring any from the app).


Unrelated to the minigame, I’m actually a pretty big fan of the synced-up map function while playing. It bugs out from time to time and loses track of where I am, but having a larger view of what’s happening around me that the compass minimap without having to spam ‘M’ all the time is quite nice.


Yeah I need to bring home a stand for my phone.


Slightly confused. I’ve been playing for a couple days doing missions and I still have zero resources. Hmm.

edit: never mind, just got some.


Yeah, not every mission gives resources. Most I’ve gotten from a single mission so far was 1000 Communications :wink:


Welp, looks like the app supplies might actually be helpful to me at level 15, I was short some Communications, so I transferred from the app to buy a skill. That said, I also learned that there’s a 5k/day supply transfer limit from the app, so if you have some on the app, be sure to move it as you get it rather than just accumulating it like I did (going to have to wait until tomorrow to move the rest over at this point).


Did you have any issues with getting it to sync? Did you have to manually input your local IP or did it just work?


I had a very hard time getting it to sync. I had to alter the inbound rules for Wildlands, open some ports, not sure what else but it suddenly worked.


I didn’t have to do anything other than give it my PC’s router-provided IP address (not outside IP address). Occasionally I have to resync it, but I’ve never had to do anything with my ports since it’s all local IP address/network whatnot.


I was having similar issues as you @teh_ninjaneer. I’ll try opening some ports tonight. Thanks


You two are starting the game up (all the way to being actually in game, not just in menu) before trying to sync, right?


It worked immediately and flawlessly after opening the ports in Windows Firewall.