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#Welcome to Task Force: StratsCo
My name is @Auth, and I’ve been put in charge of this operation, so listen up. Ghost Recon: Wildlands dropped earlier this week, and despite being single-player or co-op PVE right now (PVP is coming in a free patch) there is still clan-like functionality. Interestingly, these Task Forces are actually valid across all Ghost Recon titles, going all the way back to OG Ghost Recon. At this point, however, I believe the majority of us will be sticking to the most recent release: Wildlands.

Wildlands is an open world shooter that mixes 3rd and 1st person shooting with a leveling system and skill trees that allow you to cater your gameplay to suit your wants an desires. Want to snipe? There are skills for that. Want to support your team with your drone? There are skills for that too. Want to kick in the front door of every outpost you find and completely disregard stealth? There are skills for that as well. Collectibles are scattered all over the map to give you new weapons, more skill points, and additional lore and insight into the narrative of Wildlands; these are in addition to the main story missions and randomly-spawning side missions. The map has 22 different zones, and each one I’ve been in feels massive (rough comparisons I’ve seen put the overall map somewhere around 4-5 times bigger than GTA 5, or about the same size as the main island in Just Cause 3). I’ve got a little over 6 hours in the game so far, and being far-from-efficient I haven’t even completed the first zone (I read a beta review saying the first 2 zones took a more efficient 4-pack of players about 8 hours to 100%). If you want some company exploring Bolivia and taking it back from the Santa Blanca Cartel, Task Force: StratsCo is looking for new recruits.

Much like with GTA 5, the Task Force functionality takes place on a separate website dedicated to the Ghost Recon franchise. Here’s how to get started:

We’ll see you in Boliva, Strategists :wink:

Task Force: StratsCo
Leader: @Auth

Task Force: StratsCo (coming soon)
Leader: @ducksauce88

Bane of Bolivia Weekend in Ghost Recond: Wildlands (MAR 16-19)
Introductions: Hello!
H-hello? Is this thing on?
H-hello? Is this thing on?

I’m scared to try it. I downloaded both alpha and beta but didn’t play enough to get a good idea of the game.

So many feelings.


GTA 5-like shenanigans in a co-op stealth game; what could possibly go wrong? :wink:


In the short time I played, I think I was turned off because vehicles took no damage. Just load up and drive a straight line to the objective. No real reason to take the roads.


I’ve blown up several vehicles from taking the straight line approach, but they are quite durable (probably a bit too durable) when not experiencing bullet damage (they get shredded by gunfire, and there are skills to boost your weapons’ damage against vehicles); hit enough rocks/trees though and they’ll explode, I promise :wink:


I think the unrealistic elements of the game are actually good for the kind of “got 15 minutes? hop in with your buds and get to doing something quickly” game this is. Most of the environmental interaction isn’t lethal, but guns are extremely lethal. I think this helps tip the balance more toward fun than simulation, and that’s OK with me. It’s also extremely hilarious to careen a car around the round trying to evade helicopters and trucks with machine guns shooting wildly in all directions.


I’m on the fence between PS4 and PC. You’re playing on PC, right @Auth?


I’m on PC, as are @stHeretic, @Wayward, @RedBeerde, @daveseah, and @Xaelyn; @ducksauce88 and @lyteforce are on PS4. Those are the ones I know offhand.


My uPlay handle is @Nutmoon incidentally. I’ll look for the task force and join-up


I’ve been thinking of getting for pc. I played the open beta and I’m concerned about the eventual repetitiveness of the game overall. @Auth how does it play after 10 hours? After 20? Does it get boring?


I’m ~20 hours in at this point, taking my time. Mechanically there have been a few shakeups as I’ve moved through two zones and into a third (out of 22), but it’s still the same game. Recently, I ran into my first automated missile defense system, which makes flying around much more dangerous (I go most places via helicopter) and drone jammers (making it harder to plan attacks and scout locations). The number and difficulty of enemies has been on the rise as well, making stealth more challenging and loud more dangerous (more than once I’ve been hiding in a bush waiting for the patrol level - a system similar to GTA’s wanted level - to simmer down before attempting to continue a mission). I also just encountered a water-access cave that had an enemy base in it, which was really neat and different from anything I’d encountered previously.

For what it’s worth, I’m still having fun at this point, and the variety of base and town layouts have kept things fresh and interesting. I haven’t yet seen a break from the “kill, steal, tag, capture” core mechanics of missions, but I’m honestly okay with it at this point.


This was one of my concerns as well. But so far I’m enjoying it. I shoot up an enemy camp, tag a bunch of stuff then search my map for the next location.

I’ve also spent a good bit of time collecting skill points.

I’m enjoying the game because it is very easy to play for short amounts of time. I can play for 20 minutes and feel like I accomplished something, even if it’s a minor achievement.


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Ghost Recon: Wildlands Mobile App

Anyone playing Wildlands on Xbox One? I haven’t found a thread for it if such a thing exists.


Honestly, there aren’t many XB1 users here. It’s not that we don’t like the XB1; it’s just that very few people find their way here.

I’ll be happy to play some Killer Instinct with you, though. All hail Microsoft Play Anywhere.


Ah, that’s fair lol I think I might still have KI laying around somewhere. Feel free to shoot me an add


I have an XB1 but don’t use it much. I was mainly a CoD guy but I haven’t bought the last one so I haven’t really turned it on lately.

I was thinking of picking up halo wars 2 but I’d end up playing that on PC mostly since it’s a play anywhere title.