Gigantic Beta Windows 10


So, got the beta code for Gigantic but I have to have windows 10 on my gaming rig… I like it on my laptop but I don’t know how it’s going to affect all my other games… does anyone else have problems with their games on windows 10? I know my logitech peripherals work on it…


No issues at all.

Been using windows 10 since it released.

Do a clean install if you can.


yea, I upgraded and now that my motherboard is registered I’ll probably do a clean install later this week, that’s what I did on the laptop. Thanks


Fun game too!

Was watching a few streamers play and got a key a while back. Played a few games and had a blast.


played a game before bed, wasn’t a fan of the character I chose but it was really fun. I don’t know who started the whole fighting titan thing, may have been minimum. I kind of like minimum’s version a little better but it’s pretty fun and really pretty


been playing it on windows 10 and xbox one. it’s definitely really fun. it’s a bit more complex than i was expecting, but nothing more than any other moba. reminds me a lot of Smite.


Never had any problem playing any of my games on Win10