Glacier White PlayStation 4, out 24th January



A new colour variation for PS4 comes with 500GB HD and Glacier White Dualshock 4.

I’ve always been a fan of the white controllers. Stormtrooper Mode, as I like to call it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in PS4 Pro.

Later this month you’ll have the option of an all-new colour variation of the smaller, slimmer and lighter new-look PS4 console.

The Glacier White PlayStation 4 will be available across the PAL region from 24th January, joining the original console colour version and comes with a 500GB HDD and an accompanying Glacier White Dualshock 4.

Take a look at the design in full below, and check with your local retailers on availability and pricing.


Looks pretty! I am worried that with time that white will become yellowish hahahaa. I am sure you can custom paint your PS4 Pro white.


On my birthday…how special. :slight_smile:


Just for you.


:open_mouth: There’s going to be a white one?

Wow! It’s going to take gaming to a whole new level!


It sure does look purty. I’ve just been worried about white anything around me because it doesn’t stay that colour very long.

Shush you. Everyone knows white is faster.


Did you just assume my race? :grimacing:




GG @Auth

I dislike the astheics of this thing. Miss the sleek lines of the O.G. PS4.

None shall compare

On a serious note…why still only 500GB. They (Sony) need to make 1TB standard! /rant


Probably to have that as a bullet point to help sell the PS4 Pro, I imagine.


Can I just insert a quick jab about how Xbox did this first just to get @Auth all fired up?



My OG ps4 is the original Destiny white PS4 (not the taken king version) and it has yet to go yellow. I will check back in 10 years from now though. lol



Well done; did you actually look at the title of the .gif, or is this coincidence?




Click me, Bradum!


Hah. Just went and looked. Complete coincidence.


There are some good ones out there