Glad to be aboard!


SO glad to finally meet a group of aging Gamers! I’ve been a PC gaming enthusiast for, well, as many years as we’ve had PC’s, even before that with Mainframes in college, so yes, I’m still earning my stripes.

My son and I play Destiny and he found this forum for me. Yet another “oh dad” moment! Been playing D2 like a madman and have a 512 Titan, also a 340 Warlock that I’ve been neglecting since getting sucked into the latest campaigns (Black Armory).

Blizzard tag = DeathSaint57


Welcome! I believe we have a couple people that are still playing Destiny 2. But, we play a large number of games and most play the usual hyped games that pop up throughout every year.

Our Discord is very active as well. Definitely make sure to stop by!


Definitely this. Also, welcome to the party! @Wayward and @Xesty I know is still firing up D2 now and again, and I see a handful playing more often than not according to the Discord sidebar. If you have any questions or run into any issues, please let us know :wink:


Welcome to Strats!!! :smile: :strats_green:


Welcome @KenK ! Send me a friend request on (you didn’t include the numbers on your name so I can’t add you)


I am mostly running end game content minus raids (we don’t have a full team yet) but always looking for others to play with.


Welcome to the party @KenK! Feel free to grab a virtual drink over at the bar.


Welcome! I’ve actually been considering some #destiny2 again. I just wish it had some base building a la #fallout76.


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