Glimmer Cap?

Was anyone aware there is a Cap on glimmer? I couldnt collect more than 25,000. Wondering what the reason for this is.

Yeah, the Glimmer cap is really low it seems. If you are just under it will block you from turning in bounties. With Glimmer not having a whole lot of uses it never really bothered me. I just buy a bunch of ammo packs

I generally buy tons of whatever green item the cryptarch is selling; slow but steady progress towards my next level with him :wink:

Destiny has a very intresting economy system. There is a cap on the max amount of Glimmer you can carry (25,000 as you pointed out) and a weekly cap on how many faction marks you can earn. My best guess is this acts a speed bump and prevents players from power leveling to quickly. In theory, it will keep players logging in week after week.

I recommend spending your Glimmer with the guy who decodes the engrams. Each green item you buy increases your rank with him. After rank 3 he starts to mail you legendary engrams and stuff for every consecutive level.

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FTFY :wink:

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I agree with the speed bump. I don’t really mind getting capped, in fact I would prefer it, but they have made ways around it. Legendary engrams can just bypass this if you farm hard enough. Plus, those engrams can turn in to almost replica gear that is sold from vendors, so now they have just become safety nets for the things you cant find. Thanks to the cave, it feels like Legendary armor has no real value anymore.

I don’t think the cave was in Bungie’s master plan. I would look to it being nerfed real soon.

It looks like Bungie put some effort into preventing players from exploiting the game. I look to the sentry bot that spawns when you try to attack a boss from a doorway. The cave is on the chop list, I’d put my 25,000 Glimmer on it.

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The cave issues are really unfortunate. Whenever there’s a mechanic like that where a portion of the game population just takes off down a progression path and leaves the rest of us (that don’t have time to cave farm) in the dust, it really sucks.

The problem is that exploits like these reward the people who were playing a lot regardless. So you have a situation where your friends are a few steps up in progression ahead of you and now they’re in a different realm altogether.

It’s really disheartening to the casual playerbase and a lot of them just quit.

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I think that bungies lower level soft caps have prevented a major hemrage here. Imagine if the level was much higher. I think the gap between casual players and the ones who have been able to level up via the cave and such, is still relatively small.

Yeah I made it to level 20(.5) this weekend but it looks like most of these fun team things even within Strats are now requiring level 25+.

Well, the thing about the gap thanks to mob grinding (wherever you do it) is it became established slightly earlier (perhaps) but it was always going to be there when you compare people with and without time to play a lot.

If you’re not hitting your weekly mark caps, you’re going to have a helluva time buying you legendaries from the various merchants (whom you can’t purchase from until you hit a certain rank from, you guessed it, farming missions in the patrols and the dailies).

Honestly, the vast majority of my gear (all but 1 legendary) were aquired through the vendors or “normal” play. For note: I’m level 27. I bought 2 pieces of armor from FWC (getting a 3rd this week), found a helm during a strike, bought a rocket launcher with strange coins from Zur, got my shotgun from hiting tier 3 FWC, and got a legendary pulse rifle from the cave.

The only thing I’m really getting from the grinders are parts to upgrade my items by breaking down legendaries (all 4 I’ve gotten, I think) because they aren’t progressing my FWC since there aren’t daily missions associated with it, but if I had time every day to do dailies it’d be more efficient with the luck I’ve had since they reward crafting mats. The only inflated merchant I have is the cryptarch, but if I was running about killing things “normally” I don’t imagine I’d be more than a couple levels behind where I currently am.

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Same thing for me, I have a few legendary guns, and an exotic that dropped thru random play. I see the treasure cave as waiting room, and also a place where you can just be doing something effortless, and chatting with your fireteam.

It’s like going fishing with your destiny buddies.

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Fishing with dynamite in a barrel still counts as fishing, right? :wink:


Lol! Wow! Lots of replies, I was just surprised at this. I mean I rarely use Glimmer to buy anything other than the Upgrades…and possibly some of the stuff the queen Vendor will sell to me. Got 2 pieces of Legendary gear today. A Shotty and a chest piece droped off the queens Mission.

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