Glimmer Farming

I’ll be able to clear level 4 on the Iron Banner today/tomorrow. Yay! Boots and gloves for me.

Problem: I need about 6k glimmer to make both purchases. What’s the quickest way to make glimmer? Raids? Patrol? I’m dreading the grind. I solo’d the level 28 weekly last night, but it took a while and I only made 3k.

Any thoughts appreciated.

We are working on a guide for this right now. In the mean time, search load screen farm.

Edit: I was thinking of mats. Sorry. The first moon mission works well, with a black idol wax.

Make sure you are using the correct glimmer buff for where you are at, like the black wax for hive.

I’ve been using the buffs when appropriate. I imagine you make a bit of coin from doing the Iron Banner, but I don’t think you make a ton just by competing.

The spinmetal chest run pays out cash pretty well when you consider the number of chests you’re opening and the amount of breaking things down you’ll be doing :wink:

Patrols did the job pretty fast with the boosters. Took less than an hour of patrolling + a strike to get the job done.


So the fastest way I’ve found is level 18 Heroic exclusion zone mission on Mars. In the beginning of the level there will be two waves of Cabal that come via drop ship. The second drop ship spawns 9 imperial legions (yellow health) plus two phalanx (shield guys). Kill all enemies but one with a network supply up and then either let the last enemy kill you or suicide grenade. Rinse repeat. I got about 600-700 glimmer per run, each run less than two minutes.

Beware though I’m pretty sure Bungie started kicking me out of the level after ten runs for getting glimmer too fast. I didn’t think to record, but there are plenty of YouTube videos out there.

I am doing this now and can say it is pretty awesome. Much faster than any other method I have tried.
Great work @Joey_coz

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I think they may have taken this section out of the story line. I just tried to go down and it seems that first section is gone from the questline

Others might already know this, but patrols seem to net pretty good glimmer with the boosts. I finished my farming in about an hour (patrol plus one strike). Boots and gloves are mine!