Glorious Patron Emoji Submission Thread of Awesome


Are you a Glorious Patron? Do you have an emoji request? Post it here.

Provide the following:

  • :name: (this is the trigger you want)
  • Image (a transparent/alpha square PNG that works in a 16x16 size, you can upload it directly in this thread)

Your emoji will be usable both here on the forum and in Discord.


So, let’s pretend I’m bad at image editing. I have an image with an alpha layer that just needs some cropping to make it viable for use; would it be possible to have that happen? I can’t do it in Paint (my go-to) because it’ll lose the alpha layer.



In Photoshop you can save as BMP and make sure “Alpha Channels” is selected in the save as options.
Or just save as PNG inb PS or GIMP as that saves the transparency without the need for an alpha channel.

There was a program I used a long time ago to design the Windows Baseboard for my company, since the baseboard needs a BMP with alpha transparency but I cannot recall the name. I’ll look at my old PC when I’m the office tomorrow.


The trouble is I don’t have the wherewithal to figure out how to work a piece of software I’ve never used before during a semester (especially since I just got my gaming rig up and running after being down for over a week; I am so behind on games!). I figured it’d be a pretty easy thing for someone who already knows how, and if nobody wanted to hook it up it’d be NBD :wink:


If it has the ability to be square with just some cropping, I can do that part.


Is this what you meant?


Ok, :paw: is live.


Ah, didn’t catch that, Phil got you though.





@Zharick :zharick:

@teh_ninjaneer :ninjaneer:


love it @Zharick, that’s a great branding logo.


Thanks!!! Went through way too many iterations in one night until I got to this one :smiley:


Finally… I think I’ve got it…





I feel like I need this one pretty much all the time…



Gotta make it transparent!


:giggidy: :giggidy: :giggidy: :giggidy: :giggidy:


it has a transparency layer, don’t know why it didn’t show up in my post


sweet :giggidy::giggidy: