Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town


Anyone wanna play some Trouble in Terrorist Town?

The server is called TitaniumNation’s Server. The server has TTT, Prophunt, movie theater, murder, and more.
Post in the whitelist thread for the password.


I have wanted to play this game so bad.


I’ve been seeing a lot about Garry’s Mod lately and it looks pretty awesome. I’m bummed I didn’t try it back when it first came out.


I really need to buy CS: Source so I can play this and prop hunt. Anyone interested in a YouTube collab or something. Would probably make some funny content I think :slight_smile:


I don’t record, but I would love to get together a group to play.


@invaderdoom yeah we could stream it, and then upload it.


I’m down @ThatDoomThough, always wanted to try prop hunt. I’ve got stream and record capabilities :wink:


When would everyone be down to play?


i’m down too, whatever a prop hunt is…


Prop hunt is amazingly fun(or at least it looks like it), you basically have two teams. Hunters and hiders. The people trying to hide have to find a prop to replicate and just stay still, the hunters have to find which prop is the player :slight_smile:


Would love to do some G-mod I actually upload a few videos of me and my friends playing prophunt and such and would love to integrate the strats community to those videos


This reminds me of the Cameleon spell in Dark Souls. Here this whole time I thought prop hunt was just a Where’s Waldo search. I’d play this with you guys too


I like how many people are are talking about prop hunt when it says Trouble in Terrorist Town. We can do prop hunt too, but I was focusing on TTT since I have a server we can use.


Funny, I just became the owner of a TTT server because the old owner had more important stuff to focus on. I’m in the process of rebuilding it right now, plenty of bugs to work through, so it’s not currently online and ready.


Sorry @Zontago that was totally my fault. Super bad ADD moment. :frowning:

Get back in topic people! Lol


I can rarely have a conversation about one without the other. Definitely two of the best Mods out there.


If you haven’t tried it I’d recommend darkrp. Definitely sunk a couple hundred hours in that. it’s very complicated depending on the server, but once you get used to it it’s amazing.


It’s cool I just wanted to refocus the conversation back to the topic, but I love prop hunt as well.


TTT… let’s do it.


I downloaded it last night. I’m ready.