Go Play Besiege!

Build awesome machines and then destroy buildings and massacre people!

Go buy it right now!
$6.99 on steam.


New Early Access game on Steam. I’m sure many of you have seen gif’s floating around from the game.

I just killed myself laughing watching this video.

i saw it but didn’t pick it up… i might be now

Thanks for merging these topics @Auth. I swore I saw a post on here about it, but couldn’t find it so I created the new topic.

That aside, I just spent 3 hours screwing around in it. Made some ridiculous machines and also killed my computer with some of the contraptions I tried (Massive box filled with mines and spikes covering the outside of the deathbox. I then had cannons all over the top + a few pointing inside to trigger the mines. Yep, I tried playing that almost hit negative fps, lmao.

Edit: Nooooo! I forgot to save the deathmachine. Was gonna grab a snapshot, lmao.

From reddit: "Carpet-bombing"



I saw this on imgur today and watched it like 50 times. Impressive

Not mature; slightly inappropriate; solid gold :wink:

Lol, I saw that one when I was installing Besiege and laughed my ass off.

Edit: It’s probably more then slightly inappropriate, lol.