Gohan's Squad (HoTS)



Well considering I feel as though no one has really taken the initiative in starting a competitive team for Strats. I thought I would step up and fill the spot. So I will be hosting tryouts all week for members if you think you have what it takes ill be in the mumble just come in and tell me you want a tryout. I am looking for 4 other solid players.

I mostly likely will fill the role of an assassin, this leaves room for a tank, support, and other mages/assassins depending on team compositions.

I know we were thinking of basing the team off of Hero League but as I see it no one from strats has really been grinding HL. I am currently bouncing around rank 10.

If interested just reply here with your battletag or find me in mumble :smiley:


Thanks for doing this! Once my wrist is decent, I wouldn’t mind being an alternate or whatever, and I’ll fill in if need but my mouse movements aren’t precise enough right now to get past the mid 20s in HL


Thanks for stepping up and putting something together. We had discussed, a few meetings ago, that players that were interested in playing competitively should start putting teams together ( like you are doing).

We felt that an “Official” Strats team would have a better chance of being formulated after we had a few groups of players doing consistent team play. Either one of the teams would rise above the rest or a “Dream Team” would be drafted from the stronger pieces and parts.

Once again, thanks for stepping up and I would like to encourage anyone else out there that is looking for competitive play to make or join a team. We can have many teams with a Strats style naming convention.


I’ve played about 50 matches of Hero League and currently rank 20 I think. But Albion Online has my attention right now so not sure how committed to HotS I will be for the next 3-4 weeks. Maybe I will log in to complete quests and that’s about it. I’m more of a casual guy anyway.

Good luck with your tryouts and forming your team.


I’ll give it a shot.


No problem guys, I just really am excited to get this thing started. Hopefully big things to come from HoTS.


How’s this going? If still need a few, bring up at tonight’s meeting or I can if you won’t be there.


I am definitely interested and would prob like to heal as it is my highest ranked win %. However, I am open to play any role. Also, check this out: http://play.eslgaming.com/heroesofthestorm/americas/championship


Honestly with the hype around albion rn I haven’t found anyone on at the same time I am.


You could try posting in the LFG Category and just bumping it with a shout out each time you’re online and looking for players. That way if someone isn’t logged into battle.net but is interested in trying out, they might see the post and log on.


Part of the absence is several people trying out Albion during the limited alpha; folks will be back in short order, I suspect :wink: