Going Through ESO DLC



So, I’m back at it with ESO again, as I am wont to do.

I’m interested in going through all of the DLC that they have released since launch, and there is A LOT of it.

  1. Thieves Guild
  2. Dark Brotherhood
  3. Orsinium
  4. Imperial City
  5. Shadows of the Hist
  6. Horns of the Reach
  7. Dragon Bones
  8. Clockwork City
  9. Murkmire
  10. Wolfhunter

And on top of that, there are 2 expansions as well (these require a purchase though).

I’m wondering if anyone would interested in going through all of these as a group. If 2 or 3 others would be interested that would be AWESOME!
There is a requirement however. You would either need to purchase each DLC, or subscribe to ESO Plus (which is what I did) If you subscribe to ESO plus you get access to all DLC (not expansions) a 10% XP buff and $15 worth of “Crowns” the cash shop currency (the ESO Plus sub is $15)

If anyone’s interested in this, let me know, and we can work out a day/time that works for the group.


I mean, you know @Vocino will come out of retirement for this.


I had no idea there was so much. Wow.


I have morrowind and summerset.
I don’t have any of the DLC or ESO+.

I’m @Dear and I play every day and I’d like to play with others.



I am so excited. It’ streaming on twitch right now!



Pretty stoked about a new class.


A new class being launched at this stage of the game seems really promising actually.


I think it’s part of the 5th year anniversary celebration. This year of dragons stuff with the necromancer storyline. I was confused, because I’ve been playing it six years, but then I figured beta must not count? They’re giving everyone an increase cap of character slots and a free character slot, but I still think I’m going to delete one of my names to reuse it.


They did the same with Morrowind and the introduction of the Warden class.

They skipped summerset in terms of a new class, but instead introduced a new Skill Line “Psijic Order”

Perhaps this will be a pattern.

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