Good video about Shadow Realms

I didn’t want to keep taking @teh_ninjaneer’s post off the rails.
This video is very informative and also shows some gameplay.


I’ll have to take a peak at this later since I’m at work now. Browsing forums are easy to do, watching videos not so much, haha.


Same, Care to give a 10 sec run down?

Mmo, fps, RPG?

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A PC-only version of Evolve being made by Bioware.

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3rd person action - it’s Bioware’s version of Evolve. But rather than fighting one big-bad monster, a team of 4 is against 1 “dungeon master” sort of guy called the shadowlord(?).

It’s more of a dungeon crawl compared to Evolve’s Big Hunt. I believe the shadowlord can “possess” creatures on the map to make them stronger fights for the adventurers. I think he also has his own set of trickery to use against them.

This game is PC-only.

yes, as well as set traps and choose which types of enemies you fight and summon them at will.